October 22, 1921 – Bishop Thomas E. Molloy establishes the Parish of Our Lady of Victory, Floral Park and appoints Father Patrick Hart to be the first Pastor. Masses were held in Firemen’s Hall on Violet Avenue and then at Child’s Hall on Tulip Avenue

July 1922 – Property is purchased for OLV Church

November 15, 1922 – Construction on the rectory was begun

March 25, 1923 – Ground-breaking for the church

June 30, 1923 – Completion of the rectory

July 6, 1924 – First Mass celebrated in OLV Church

September 7, 1924 – Dedication of the Church by Bishop Thomas E. Molloy

April 10, 1929 – Father James F. Irwin is appointed the second Pastor of Our Lady of Victory

September 6, 1930 – OLV Convent is officially opened

May 3, 1931 – Dedication of the OLV Convent takes place

October 29, 1931 – OLV Conference of the St. Vincent DePaul Society is established

1932 – Dedication of Our Lady of Victory School under the direction of the Sister of St. Joseph of Brentwood. Sister Flora Eugene, CSJ was the first principal and superior.

June 19, 1939 – Associate Pastor Father Joseph Salmon died suddenly on his 15th Anniversary of Ordination – a shrine of the Crucifixion outside the church is dedicated in his memory

1945 – OLV CYO is established

July 4, 1950 – Father James F. Irwin receives the title of Right Reverend Monsignor

March 17, 1961 – Monsignor Thomas J. Feeney is appointed the third Pastor of Our Lady of Victory upon the death of Msgr. Irwin

November 25, 1962 – Dedication of the OLV New School Extension

1968 – Establishment of the OLV Parish Council and OLV School Board

June 24, 1974 – Death of Monsignor Feeney

August 1, 1974 – Appointment of Father Charles J. Nosser as the fourth Pastor of Our Lady of Victory

1976 – Establishment of the OLV Right to Life Committee

2006 – Appointment of Father John V. O’Farrell as the fifth Pastor of Our Lady of Victory

September 8, 2012 – Re-dedication of Our Lady of Victory Church

2014 – Appointment of Father Thomas M. Fusco as the sixth Pastor of Our Lady of Victory