Jesus performed his first miracle at Cana. It was when he changed water into wine at a wedding feast. Since the wedding took place in Cana, the word Cana has become synonymous with “wedding,” hence Pre-Cana means before the wedding.

Pre-Cana is a series of classes for couples planning to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony. Each couple must attend one of the three programs  available. Pre-Cana programs should be attended as early as possible in your preparations.

Parish Pre-Cana Program

Spring Session May 19 to June 19, 2024 . Call the rectory office 516-354-0482 for more information.

Diocesan Pre-Cana Program

This program takes place in a large group setting at various locations.  Registration and scheduling information can be found on the diocesan website, click here. Go to the Worship/Sacraments link and then to Marriage.  Information about FOCCUS, an online questionnaire, can also be obtained on that website.  FOCCUS is required in the Diocesan Program.

Engaged Encounter Weekend

This program involves a full weekend where each couple can concentrate exclusively on one another. Information can be obtained at