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Important letter from Fr. Tom – June 28, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

Please join us for a Car Parade in honor of Fr. Sullivan this Sunday, June 28th at 1 pm. Fr. Sullivan will be at the statue of the Blessed Mother outside the rectory. So cars can line up heading north on Plainfield Avenue and then wrap around the church to greet Fr. Sullivan.

Tribute to Fr. Sullivan
In case you didn’t have the opportunity to hear me share these thoughts about Fr. Sulli- van over the past two weeks, I thought I would repeat them hear:

As you may have heard Bishop Barres has transferred Fr. Sullivan from our parish as of July 1st. He will be going to St. Rose of Lima Parish in Massapequa. I share your disappointment and your surprise. But his talents have been recognized and his priestly gifts are needed elsewhere.

Personally, I have no hesitation in saying that Fr. Sullivan has helped me become a better priest through the first fervor of his newly -ordained ministry; through his devotion to Jesus, Mary & the Saints; through his priestly availability to people, especially those in need of the Sacraments; through his capacity to relate to young and old and everyone in between; through his technological savvy and his sense of humor.

He has been “Father” to all of us by protecting us – especially from the snares of the evil one – and caring for us by his sacramental ministry, especially in the confessional.

Fr. Sullivan advanced our parish in the field of social media through FaceBook and Instagram and Twitter, and more recently through YouTube and Flocknotes. Social media has been vital in our staying connected through the pandemic. He has introduced us to Formed.org and all the great Catholic resources available there. He has heightened our appreciation for the Eucharist, for Marian devotion, and for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. His lectures have educated us in the faith, as has his homilies.

Fr. Sullivan has brought Young Adult Ministry and the Mother’s Group to our parish; and he has added much to our Youth Ministry, our Parish Pre-Baptism Program, our CYO and our Altar Servers. Our Chapel was renovated with his creativity.

His involvement with the Floral Park Fire Department, Police Department and Knights of Columbus was also appreciated.

We had three good years – and while I agree that we all wish we would have more – I remain grateful to God for what we had! I know you will miss him – but I don’t think you will miss him as much as I will.
We wish him Godspeed as he continues what promises to be a fruitful ministry in our Diocese!

Fourth of July
The 8:30 am Mass this Saturday, July 4th will be a Mass for the Country. Please join us or watch it on YouTube at your convenience.

Mass Schedule
The temporary Mass schedule will continue:
Sat. 4 pm Church, Chapel & Memorial Park Sat. 5:30 pm Church & Chapel
Sun. 7:30 am, & 9 am Church & Chapel Sun. 10:30 am & 12 noon Church, Chapel & Memorial Park Sun. 5:30 pm Church & Chapel

Welcome Fr. Rafal Borowiejski
Bishop Barres has appointed Fr. Rafal Borowiejski to serve at OLV beginning July 2nd. Fr. Rafal was ordained to the priesthood on June 20th. He is originally from Poland. We look forward to welcoming him and receiving his First Blessings next weekend.

Praised be the name of Jesus Christ now and forever!
Fr. Tom

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