Important letter from Fr. Tom – August 2, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

As always you have been incredibly generous to the parish even throughout these uncertain months of pandemic. Thank you to everyone who dropped off their donations or who signed up for online donations. Your loyalty is appreciated.

Many of you also contributed to a Pandemic Relief Fund to assist parishioners who were negatively economically affected by the pandemic. Here is a letter of appreciation that was written from one family who was assisted to express their appreciation to you:

“My child will wake up in fear of a bad dream—and say please ‘God no bad dreams.’

As adults we are truly never prepared for “Bad Dream.” Well, as two middle class professionals with a young child living the American dream, a pandemic hits us—”Bad Dream.” We both are Covid positive, unable to work. I am furloughed, my husband exhausts all our savings to provide and maintain our home.

I manage to recover and end up ill again. As always, I prayed and never ceased to have faith. I remember one day just crying out and asking our Blessed Mother to intercede for us.

Just in passing I also asked Fr. Tom to pray for us. It’s that faith in humanity, he offered assistance. I was amazed, how can a parish at this time provide financial assistance?

My friends, not only was my faith strengthened but it placed a greater trust in my love for others. Our parish community has that humanity and compassion. You have assisted us with our mortgage, utility and car payments.

Thank you to all the generous donors that provided help to keep my family safe throughout this strenuous time.

Gratitude is often taken lightly, but as a young Catholic couple, our parents and Catholic education from preK thru college instilled faith and gratitude within our soul.

I ask the Lord to bless each and every one of our generous donors and parish community. Thank you in the name of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother.”

Assistance was made possible because of your generosity! Thank you.

Congratulations Graduates!
We are happy to be able to celebrate a Graduation Mass and Ceremony for the 2020 graduates of Our Lady of Victory School on August 1st and the Grand March on Thurs- day, July 30th. I’m very happy that these students were able to experience the traditional events associated with graduating from Our Lady of Victory School – even if it was two months later than originally planned. Having the Catholic memory is what is most important!

Fr. Rafal
Best wishes to Fr. Rafal who celebrated his 40th birthday on Thursday, July 30th!

Fr. Rozek, the pastor of St. Hedwig’s Parish, requested Fr. Rafal to celebrate the 11 am Polish Mass at St. Hedwig this weekend. It will be an opportunity for those parishioners to receive a First Blessing from Fr. Rafal. The associate from St. Hedwig, Fr. Martin, will say the 10:30 Mass in the church here. We will continue to look for opportunities to work together with our neighbors at St. Hedwig.

Praised be the name of Jesus Christ now and forever!
Fr. Tom