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Important letter from Fr. Tom – June 11, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

I am writing to present to you the plan for the resumption of Mass and Sacraments at Our Lady of Victory as of this writing on Monday morning, June 8, 2020.

Things will be different than they were before the church closing. I ask for your patience and forbearance with me and with one another as we navigate this together. I expect changes will take place as we uncover better ways of being together, while also safeguarding one another’s health.

For those of you who just want the condensed version it is this:

  • Daily Masses resume at 8:30 am and 12 noon as of Wednesday, June 10th
  • Sunday Masses will resume as of this Sunday, June 14th – please confer the schedule below
  • The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains dispensed until further notice
  • Vulnerable persons – including those over 65 years of age and people with compromising health conditions should remain at home
  • Permission to distribute Holy Communion has not yet been granted by the Bishop
  • There will be a seating plan for attendance at Mass.
  • All Masses will be broadcast downstairs in the Chapel also
  • Disinfecting will take place in between each Mass on Saturday and Sunday
  • Outdoor Masses will be held in Memorial Park on Saturday at 4 pm & Sunday at 10:30 am, 12 noon & 5:30 pm
  • Masks must be worn while at Mass

Now for those interested in a more complete version of our plan, please continue reading:

Procedural Matters for Masses inside the Church

  1. Please enter the church from the front doors only. This will allow us to create a flow of movement and to keep track of numbers of people in church. Please follow the directions of the ushers regarding available seating. The side doors will be exit only.
  2. When the available seating in the upstairs church is full, people will be directed to the chapel, or if available the Mass in Memorial Park. Please let me apologize now if we ever get to the situation where people need to be turned away because of the limited seating.
  3. The way the church (and chapel) will be set up will allow for only 3-4 2-3 members of the same household to sit together. Larger family groups should consider sitting near the statues of Joseph and Mary or the choir loft if available.
  4. Masks must be worn while in the church. The reason for this is because the virus, if present, can last several hours in the air. We will be using the church for Mass every hour and a half. While we will be disinfecting between Masses (see below), the wearing of masks will minimize the spread of the virus to the air. The use of the mask is an act of charity towards fellow parishioners.
  5. There will be no processions – entrance, offertory or recessional
  6. There will be no collection. You are asked to make your donations by placing them in the baskets that will be at
    the doors of the church. Use of on-line giving is encouraged.
  7. There will be no invitation to exchange the sign of peace.
  8. Ideally, people should leave church gradually, not all at once. This will avoid a crowd gathering in the lobby or
    outside the church. Perhaps it’s a good time to re-learn the value of making a thanksgiving after Mass, and then leaving. All exits are available for leaving church.

Procedural Matters for Masses in Memorial Park

  1. The Village has granted permission for the Masses to take place in Memorial Park. I appreciate their cooperation and assistance. Memorial Park is a very convenient location with its proximity to the church.
  2. The outside Mass schedule is: Saturday 4:00 pm; Sunday 10:30 am, 12 noon, 5:30 pm
  3. Seating will not be provided, so please bring your own chairs and shade providers if needed
  4. Government regulations regarding masks and social distancing should be followed
  5. Speakers will be set up
  6. Music will be provided
  7. In the event of rain, Mass will be offered in the school gym, however due to social distancing regulations seating
    will be limited.

Daily Mass

  1. We will go back to our regular schedule of 8:30 am and 12 noon. Daily Eucharistic Adoration will be discontinued. Socially distant seating with less than 25% of the building capacity will be clearly indicated by tape in the church. Where you can sit will be obvious.
  2. Masks should be worn.
  3. The 8:30 am Mass will also be recorded for uploading to YouTube and FaceBook – so don’t be surprised or
    distracted by the camera in the center aisle
  4. The readings will be read by the priest or seminarian
  5. Monday Devotions and Daily Rosary will resume

Sanitization Plan

  1. HDQ Neutral (registered trademark) One-Step Disinfectant, Germicidal Detergent, Deodorant will be sprayed in the areas where people were seated after each weekend Mass.

Miscellaneous Items

  1. The bathrooms will remain locked since we don’t have the resources to sanitize after each use
  2. The church doors and windows will remain open (weather permitting) at all times – even with air

Sunday Mass Schedule Saturday
4:00 pm – Mass in the church and broadcast to the chapel
4:00 pm – Mass outside in Memorial Park (*please see further directives above)
5:30 pm – Mass in the church and broadcast to the chapel – this Mass will also be recorded for uploading to YouTube and FaceBook

7:30 am – Mass in the church and broadcast to the chapel – especially for persons over the age of 65
9:00 am – Mass in the church and broadcast to the chapel
10:30 am – Mass in the church and broadcast to the chapel
10:30 am Mass outside in Memorial Park
12 noon – Mass in the church and broadcast to the chapel
12 noon -Mass outside in Memorial Park
1:30 pm – NO MASS ( the revised schedule already has each of the two priests saying Mass 4
times on Sunday; and this will also provide more time for the Baptisms which are currently being done individually.)
5:30 pm – Mass in the church and broadcast in the chapel
5:30 pm – Mass outside in Memorial Park

Not included above are any instructions regarding the reception of Holy Communion. Those instructions will be issued before we begin distributing Holy Communion again – hopefully, very soon – but probably not this weekend.

Undoubtedly we may have overlooked some items. These directives will be revised regularly to improve the health and safety of all involved. If you have suggestions or concerns, please submit them directly to me at [email protected].

Praised be the name of Jesus Christ now and forever!
Fr. Tom

Addendum – Update as of Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Bishop Barres has granted permission for the distribution of Holy Communion beginning with the Saturday evening Masses of June 13, 2020 – the Feast of Corpus Christi – the Feast of the Body & Blood of Christ!

Guidelines for the Distribution of Holy Communion

The Bishop has asked parishes of the Diocese of Rockville Centre to follow the following guidelines in addition to what is indicated in the previous pages:

*The Distribution of Holy Communion will take place after Mass has been completed – instead of at its usual time. This will allow time for the celebrant to prepare for the distribution of Holy Communion by remov ing his vestment, donning a mask and sanitizing his hands.

*The congregation will be asked to kneel after the final blessing and dismissal. The priest and other ministers of holy communion will prepare to distribute Holy Communion.
*The priest will take his position in the front of the church. One Minister of Holy Communion will take his/her position at the break. Ministers of Holy Communion will take similar positions in the chapel.

*People will then come forward to receive Holy Communion in a single file beginning with those seated on the Blessed Mothersideofthechurch. ThenthoseseatedontheSt.Josephsideofthechurchwillapproachtheministerinsingle file.

*Please maintain 6 feet social distancing while on the Communion line. Removeyourmaskjustpriortoreceiving Communion and then replace it.

*If receiving in the hand, please hold out your hand as flat as possible, so the host can be placed in your hand without physical contact. Ifphysicalcontactismade, the priest/minister will take a moment to sanitize his/her hand before continuing to distribute. Holy Communion cannot be placed on gloved hands.

*While receiving in the hand is preferred at this time, the option to receive on the tongue remains. The priest/ minister will sanitize his/her hands after each “on the tongue” communicant.

*After praying briefly you are asked to leave the church since we will begin sanitizing the pews in preparation for the next Mass as soon as possible.

*You are asked to exit via the nearest door – those seated in the front section on the Blessed Mother side exit via the ramp exit; those seated in the front section on the St. Joseph side exit via Plainfield Ave. exit; those seated in the exit of the back section via the front door.

*At the outside Masses in Memorial Park, the priest and one (or two) Ministers of Holy Communion will be at each end of the stage. You are asked to approach maintaining proper social distance. Remove your mask just prior to receiving Communion and then replace it and return to your seat for a prayer of thanksgiving before leaving the Park.

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